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— Cab'Ral


21 Year old artist raised in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I have recorded over 200 songs and have done shows ranging from charity events to opening for major artists. I am an extremely hard worker when it comes to my goals and i plan one day to change the world.


Raised in beverly there are plenty of things one could see that can make it easy for them to relate to poverty not only locally but globally, personally i have witnessed people not only deal with addiction but i have also seen the other side of things where the illusion is placed for the youth to think that profiting off people dealing with addiction is an easy way to make it out of the struggles they deal with, not realizing they are only building onto the hate and pain growing in our communities, our cities and stretching to a global scale, this song i have submitted is a musical connection connecting me to these topics i have brought up. I have volunteered during christmas giving out presents to less fortunate families through a non profit charitable organization that went school to school making sure kids were having a great christmas. One of my goals is to have a better option for kids out there going down the wrong path and how i plan to achieve this goal is by having kids come to my place of recording and get their stress that they deal with on the daily put onto a track rather than putting such energy into negative.

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