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Soap Box Duo
- Greenback
Alexander and Jenesa MacMullin are a Canadian vintage pop duo with a little pinch of jazz. This powerhouse vocalist and innovative guitarist met at the jazz school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The couple’s passion is to use music as their ‘soapbox’ to inspire others toward justice.
Soap Box Duo is best known for their advocacy for the prevention of Childhood Sexual Abuse and has recently researched the connection between poverty and the risk of victimization. Alexander is a survivor or CSA himself and the two share this story from the stage and through their songs. Impoverished children are at an exponentially higher risk of being abused and thus the reduction of local and international poverty means greater stability and safety for the most vulnerable in our societies. The two have donated and volunteered with the homeless in Edmonton as well as providing music for events/organizations who work with low-income families across the city and plan to continue to help through their music platform.