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Rebecca Lappa
- Help Me Get There
I am a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Edmonton, who graduated with a music diploma from MacEwan University in June. In 2015, I won a Canadian Folk Music Award, and I just returned from my prize-winning trip to Vimy because I won the Lieutenant Governor's Spirit of Vimy Contest. When I'm not teaching music or gymnastics to children, I am busy performing with my band, The Revelry.
I attended an inner-city high school in Edmonton. I had friends who shared a mattress with three other people, did not always have food on the table and had to make excuses when they couldn't go on field trips. This gave me a personal connection to people in poverty. I tried to help them by giving them clothes, sharing food and helping them pay for trips. I saw them as people and friends and in my small ways, I tried to make a difference.