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Title: My United Way Voice Submission
Author: Doris
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Description: Lyrics: Verse 1: My dear you skipped being a girl, at 14 packing your things but never to return, You thought this trip would get you to a better place but u quickly learned, The world isn’t as kind as you read in the books. When you’re cold and lost, From a broken home, so all you know is problems, You never asked for gold, you only wanted options, And when the nights are so cold, you start wishing you had a place to go. And you promise yourself tomorrow when the day blossoms, you’ll collect bottles until it darkens, then you'll find a place to sleep, this time its some cardboard boxes, Same clothes you wore all week as pyjamas. Drinking fluids because your stomach couldn’t handle solids, after a week of staving, so u risk your freedom and try to steal from the markets, and the only thing that lays with you at night, is your memories and trauma, thats embedded in your conscience. Hook: i wish there was something i can tell you to make it seem like this'll work, that you’re not alone, and theres beauty in things that hurt, And to rise to the top you gotta fall a little first. I wish there was something i can tell you to make you know it’ll be okay, To give you hope and maybe a little faith, that no matter what you go through you’ll always find your way. Verse 2: My dear you’re too young, to be waking every morning so cold you’ve turned numb, To be so broke that you’ll be lucky finding bread numbs, Questioning yourself like you’ve become a no one. And i can tell you that you’re worthy, And not to worry but you ll tell me firstly, I cant imagine being worst things, than sad and thirsty, but not just for water, but for change, I wanna taste of Grandma's apple pie with a side of a job, a secure place to stay with some fries that are hot, I ran away trying to solve my problems, but look at what I’ve caused, Is this what they call rock bottom, when you’re sleeping on rocks? But its shame I’m the only one at blame for this spot. And It pains me to only offer a meal and some love, but she thanks me, says its more than enough, so i walk away and leave alone the young lady i always see on the bus. But before i go, i make sure to let her know Hook.