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Title: Happy - Gr4m feat. Kathryn Johnson
Author: Angelo
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Description: LYRICS: My feet is diggin down a hole i cant get out of Covered with pieces off the floor, i know im doubted I live through pain cause im insane but what can i do Im getting cold but you look at me like im nothing Deep inside i cant get out so i keep running I live each day like its my last but what i can i do I wonder why im in this mess I close my eyes and take a breathe And hope i get another take at this Cant you see it in my chest The fire burning still Look im happy I never took it for granted Hopes and dreams ive been counting The days i live without running Yeah im smiling cuz im breathing air Eyes on me who really cares Couple people point and stare Broken glass im getting there But moving forward Got all my toes, i feel the pain But im no coward Im not hiding just wanna have a bit of power So i can put food on my plate Get some push so i can skate Got some doors i couldnt wait To get it open Wish i could say when other havent spoken Just a couple words really, we aint even really broken But in my eyes could u see that im just livin life This aint no suicide either do or die